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The End of the Regents' Scholars Blog

Howdy! ​This is the last post of the Regents' Scholars Blog. We have decided to dissolve the blog due to the evolving needs of our population of students. We hope you all have enjoyed hearing from our student bloggers. We have certainly relished the chance to read about their day-to-day lives and interests. If you would like m...

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First classes in BCN

We hit our first week hard after doing some quite minimal exploration of the city. After spending the whole day climbing Montjuïc, the next class was spent taking a long metro ride to our project site.<img alt="DSC08036.JPG" src="~/getattachment/479d91a9-3997-4462-80ad-f7b77a8fec0a/DSC08036.JPG.aspx?width=600&height=450" style="width...

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Barcelona living

Now that we’ve had a couple of weeks to settle into our new Barcelona schedules, we’ve had to navigate a few obstacles. Though Texas puts us in an environment where we are not totally oblivious to the Spanish language, the people of Barcelona speak Catalan as well (and they speak much faster than our own Spanish speake...

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Navigating the city

The first week we were all in Barcelona together was the time for us to be led through the city and acquaint ourselves with it. Over and over again we were told that we are not tourists, so we shouldn’t explore the city like one. We should be going to events, looking more intensely at things, and blending in with the locals in order to get...

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The first few days

Not only did I take my flight alone, but I also decided to show up a day early! After I got my things in baggage...

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Bert Ashton
Beautiful post, your pictures and experiences Thanks for sharing!

hi I appreciate all of the information that you have shared. thanks for this sharing i like this post..

Cambro Boilers
Great work done by A&M to appreciating the young talents.